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Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Applied Arts & Crafts, a gem of an Institution has successfully completed a decade & is budding with young & energetic talent creating a mark.


The Institute always encourages individuals to think, question, explore and apply their well-honed minds to scale newer heights of success.

Siddhant Prasad

 BFA (Batch 2021)

My four years at Dr. DY Patil College Of Applied Arts & Crafts have been excellent. Studying here brought an added value to my life, It gave me an opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learn new things. My Design department (BFA-AA) also gives the opportunity for students to showcase our talent in the Annual art Exhibition. Thanks to my ever-inspiring mentors, Friend, Teaching & non-teaching staff who helped me to discover the talent. I spent my four years at this institute and these years are unforgettable!

Shubhika Chauhan

 BFA (Batch 2023)

The college's holistic approach, focusing on both interpersonal skills and academics, was instrumental. With supportive faculty and a balanced curriculum, I've successfully transitioned into a UI designer, thankful for the college's preparation. I am sucessfully placed in TCS.

Muskan Sharma

 BFA (Batch 2023)

At DYP, I discovered my artistic potential. With expert guidance and a supportive community, I honed my skills and unleashed my creativity. The immersive environment and diverse opportunities prepared me for a vibrant career in applied arts.

Vaishnavi Dandge

(BFA Batch 2024)

I am immensely grateful for my four years at the institute. It has not only equipped me with the necessary skills for professional success but also enriched my life in countless ways. Thanks to the guidance of the supportive faculty, I have secured a placement at Square One Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. My time at DYP has been nothing short of amazing, and I'm grateful for the invaluable skills and memories I've gained here.

Zenya Tony

(BFA Batch 2022)

The college guides and motivates students to face the ever-changing corporate world. The balance of academics and co-curricular activities helped me to groom my professional skills required by industry. It’s a perfect blend of Academics + Design + Professionalism + Career Progression @DYPCAAC

Vaishnavi Chivilkar

(BFA Batch 2024)

Studying at this institute wasn\'t just a typical classroom experience; it was like having a whole team of artist mentors in your corner! The professors weren\'t just there to teach; they offered personalized guidance that helped me push my skills to the limit. Thanks to the college\'s nurturing environment, I am thrilled to share that I have been placed at Bajaj Auto as a Design Executive. I now feel well-prepared for a successful career.

Gauri Mandlik

(BFA Batch 2024)

My experience at the institute was truly transformative, laying a strong foundation for my future success. Thanks to the solid foundation laid by my college which subsequently helped me to secure a placement in a reputed industry. Reflecting on my journey, I am immensely grateful for the role this institution played in shaping my future. Not only did it provide me with a world-class education, but it also instilled in me the values of integrity, perseverance, and lifelong learning. My time at Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Applied Arts and Crafts will always hold a special place in my heart, serving as the launching pad for a fulfilling and successful career.


To interact with Communication Design through rational approach & provide the factual industrial training by pertinent skill sets.


Empower the 'Design Institute - Industry interactions' and generate the maximum segments of placements in Industries.