Books are Man's Best Friend.

Any discipline of study requires material of study, references and information collated at one place; library. We are moving rapidly in technology sophisticated world but hard copy is a preferred medium chosen by students from ancient eras. Our library wardrobe consists huge quantum of books split between authors, topics, subjects, magazines and newspapers. An entire silent zone with mechanized search system is serviced by librarian who is skilled enough to handle all concerns of students. Overall we have a stock of 6007 books.

The institute has a Library with a rich collection of Books, Journals & Periodicals on the subject of Applied Arts for the faculty & students. The spacious library of the College holds a Collection of over 6007 books (text books and reference books) having 3800 Titles and 16 national Journals 03 international Journals and Magazines and also receive online Journals.

Library Holdings

Total Area of Library193 Sq.m. Carpet Area
Total No Of Books8064
Total No of Titles5388
Total No of Journals, (Indian)10
Total No Of Journals, (International)3
Total No of Online Journals1
Total No of Cds/DVDs370
Total No of Dissertation346