Undergraduate Courses Offered

The curriculum of the B.F.A. Applied Arts program is designed to be relevant to the needs of the industry as well as the society in both the local and global context. We adopt a holistic approach in our teaching by emphasizing on project work and providing industry exposure via internships, industry projects, as well as visits to companies, advertising and design houses as well as print and production units. Regular interactions with industry experts will help build a bridge between the students and the industry.

The B.F.A. Applied Arts program is a four-year full-time program with the first two years consisting of foundational courses as part of a common curriculum. After completing the first two years, students can opt to specialize in a track of their choice for the remaining two years.

Semester 1
Sketching & Drawing6
Communication Skills - I2
Fundamentals of Design4
2D Design
Basic Color Theory4
Introduction to Photography2
History of Art, Design & Technology4
Semester 2
FAB Lab - I2
Digital Design Tools - I4
Fundamentals of Design4
3D Design
Communication Skills - II2
Emerging Media & Technology4
Product Photography2
Open Elective - I4
Semester 3
FAB Lab - II2
Communication Skills - III2
Introduction to UI / UX - I4
Storytelling & Storyboarding2
Digital Design Tools - II4
Open Elective - II2
Semester 4
Identity Design4
Communication Skills - IV2
Introduction to UI / UX - II4
Educational Tour2
Rural & Cultural Exposure4
Visual Scripting2
Open Elective - III4

3rd Year & Fourth Year - Elective Tracks

Subject to Approval